RIM has given you the Valentine’s Day Master Plan for a week out… a day out… but we know more than a few men out there have yet to get moving on planning the big night. It’s going to be tough, but if you have an hour, RIM's got you covered. Just be sure you know this is your last chance!

RIM's Step-by-Step Plan with less than an hour to spare:

With these tips and tricks, you can still pull off a romantic evening in just 5 steps.
  • Step 1: Turn her day around with a BBM to meet you at your place in an hour. Use the Interactive Greeting Card app to send her a personalized Valentine’s Day card via Facebook or Twitter. Tip: baby animals are probably the only thing that’ll melt her heart at this point. On the bright side, the app is FREE.
  • Step 2: Using the Seamless Web app, order a spread from the local sushi joint. Restaurants will be busy, so allow a little extra time for delivery.
  • Step 3: Flowers and gifts will be tough –For gifts, try the Groupon app is one of our favorites. You can search deals at local restaurants, salons and spas and the voucher will be delivered right to her email. Another option is GiftNTake. With this BBM connected app, you can send a variety of mobile gifts – customized for the holiday - right to her BBM.
  • Step 4: You’ve got to get bubbly and a romantic dessert. Open up Maps to find the closest wine store and supermarket. Use the Wolf Blass Tasting Tutor to help you pick the perfect bottle of wine, then make one more stop at the market for some strawberries.
  • Step 5: For the finishing touches, hook up your BlackBerry to your big screen and get the Fireplace app going. Then use BBM Music to grab ready-to-go romantic playlists from your friends. When she arrives, she’ll be sure that you spent weeks planning the evening.

With these tips, you can have a perfect Valentine’s Day no matter how late you might be planning it.

But may we suggest you put February 14, 2013 in your device's BlackBerry calendar?