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    RIM's Guide To A Last Minute Valentine's Day - Part 2

    Even though we already shared what could be the easiest step-by-step Valentine’s Day Master Guide, we know some … errr most… men like to procrastinate. For your readers who didn’t take us up on our “One Week Until Valentine’s Day Plan,” RIM has pulled together a plan that’ll have you on your way to a perfect Valentine’s Day in 24 hours or less.

    RIM's Step-by-Step Plan for 24 hours out:
    You may be pushing it, but with 24 hours to the big night, we’ve still got you covered.
    • Step 1: It’s going to be tough getting reservations at most classy establishments. Use the Recipe Box app for PlayBook to find delicious recipes, complete with ingredient and shopping lists. For specialty cocktails, try the Drink Recipes app for PlayBook. (They’re both FREE!) On your smartphone, try Chef's Encyclopedia – a BBM connected application with tons of recipes at your fingertips. You can even exchange recipes with your friends via BBM if you need added inspiration.
    • Step 2: You don’t have to spend the whole night in. Try to find last-minute tickets from your BlackBerry smartphone using the Ticketmaster app.
    • Step 3: You’ve still got time to line up a flower delivery to her office, so get on it! Since the flowers may not arrive until later in the day, you can record a Happy Valentine’s Day video with your BlackBerry camera instead of a greeting card. Email or BBM the video to her so she’ll see it when she checks her email in the morning. If you need inspiration on what to say, check out Romantic Quotes by AppFlute.
    • Step 4: If cooking dinner is pushing your domestic limits, let someone else handle dessert. Use the Godiva Chocolatier to browse selections and arrange a delivery.
    • Step 5: While dinner is in the oven, make sure your place is somewhat presentable (hint: keep the lights dim), set a candlelit table, and pat yourself on the back. You’ve pulled off a thoughtful Valentine’s Day in record time.

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    Now that's some good info!

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