I'm a true believer in keeping things simple. When I started using my Bold 9900, I left my iPod Classic to collect dust at home. I could easily sync my current music library through Desktop Manager, but really didn't feel like having to export purchased songs from iTunes.

When BlackBerry Music Store was released in Beta Zone, i fell in love with it. It became my music purchase option of choice. Powered by 7Digital, this app gives me access to the same music locker between both my BlackBerry Bold 9900 & my PlayBook (BlackBerry Music on the PlayBook is also powered by 7Digital).

The application is currently only available in Australia & Canada.

Features Include:

  • Browse the catalog by what’s new, top songs, top albums and genres
  • Store your music in the cloud via your 7Digital Music Locker easy portability across devices
  • Preview a 30-second sample before buying
  • Download over the wireless network or Wi-Fi®
  • Let friends know what you’re checking out via BlackBerry Messenger, Email, Text Messaging, Socials Feeds, Facebook and more...
  • Download directly to your BlackBerry music library