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    The #1 BlackBerry App For Spies? Ekboo Crypto Chat!

    Obviously only spies would use BlackBerry because of the safety and security that comes from its use. But now there's an app to further secure your BBM messages for those.. highly sensitive conversations. Ekboo Crypto Chat allows people to extend the safety by communicating through this BBM plugin which encrypts the messages (with full 512-bit encryption) using a RSA asymmetric key algorithm.

    Some of the best features of Ekboo Crypto include:
    • Text bomb: Messages that only appear on the receivers screen for 10 seconds before being promptly deleted by the application
    • Remote clear chat: Enables the users to delete one or more conversations without permission of the other party by simply selecting a menu option
    • Panic button: Delete and close all conversations by pressing the space bar for 5 or more seconds
    • PIN block: While the phone is active, the PIN configuration blocks access to Ekboo which disables other users' ability to access active conversations
    In all honesty, I don't even know what the PIN block means, but the first three sound very exciting. Currently Ekboo offers a 30 day free trial, after which use of this app will set you back $14.99. Yes, this is one of the more expensive apps, but the trial is lengthy so it's plenty of time to determine if you absolutely require having this app on your BlackBerry. The app was also recently updated, more reason to head over to BlackBerry App World and start your trial today!
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