Born on BlackBerry and built specifically for BlackBerry users, UberSocial (formerly UberTwitter) is the #1 mobile Twitter app of all time.
Easy to use yet powerful.
Available for free!
UberSocial sets the standard for performance and functionality on BlackBerry.
Many of the features common across Twitter today were created first on UberSocial.

The innovation continues.

KEY FEATURES: - tweet/retweet, direct mentions, @replies, @mentions - manage multiple accounts - photo and video support integration with multiple providers - location services including tagging and search - protected tweet mode for privacy - a complete set of Twitter functionality

UBERSOCIAL FIRSTS: - dual post to Facebook - Set your BBM status with every tweet - advanced search - mute capabilities - home timeline combines tweets, direct mentions, @replies, @mentions - multiple themes to personalize your experience - UberChannels with branded content from USA Today, Mashable and others

RECENT INNOVATIONS: - set your BBM status automatically when you tweet - the Inner Circle creates a separate timeline of your closest friends - celebrity themes (50 Cent, Ashton Kutcher, etc) include unique graphics, sounds and content - deals from GroupOn, LivingSocial and others available in the optional DealBox

Changes from 1.304 to 1.308 include:

  • Resolved issue where users could sometimes see their carrier data plan being used instead of BIS
  • Resolved issue where some users would see their 3G and/or BIS service drop soon after starting UberSocial
  • Increased the size of the friendpicker list from 2000 to a maximum of 3000 screen names

Download: UberSocial for Twitter via BlackBerry App World

Download: UberSocial for Twitter v1.308 OTA

Website: BlackBerry UberSocial