Toronto-based GreenOwl Mobile, the developer of real‐time mobile traffic platform TrafficAlert, announced the launch of their Vancouver beta recently.

This traffic app has been around for several years under many branded names (including CP24 TrafficAlert and Rock 95 TrafficAlert).

I've personally used the CP24 TrafficAlert application on several occasions & it has saved me anywhere from 15-25 minutes when I travel to the airport.

This app comes with several features, including:

  • Monitor traffic issues at all time along your recorded routes, as well as 5km ahead of your current street location
  • Real-time voice alert on any unexpected traffic issues, with affected street segments and speed information.
  • Visual map tracking your route with traffic flow information
  • Community Favorites for commonly traveled routes, such as Mississauga to Air Canada Center , Downtown to the Airport , 401 to cottage country , and more.