"Visual Voicemail" has only been a feature which iPhone owners has been enjoying, until now.

The Canadian mobile wireless carrier, Rogers Wireless, is releasing an application for BlackBerry and Android owners, the ability to either listen via audio notifications or reading a file via text messaging, unlike dialing into your carrier's voicemail system at the current moment.

The added feature of being able to save your voice messages indefinitely, hence, the "Plus" is only available to the BlackBerry Bold 9700 , and the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

Also chosen, Sony Ericsson's X10, and Samsung's Galaxy Q Android device at the current moment.

More devices will be added after the February launch of this Plus service.

Don't fret if you don't have these devices, as owner's of legacy Windows Mobile and Symbian or other devices
with MMS capabilities, you can still have Visual Voicemail.

We're not sure if having the Visual Voicemail "Plus" feature will require data, or not, Rogers will confirm this at a later time.

There are some good reasons to be a Rogers Wireless customer, after all.