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    BeBuzz Updated To Version 5.0.22

    A must have app for me is BeBuzz and it has just been updated to version 5.0.22. If you currently have version 5.x the update is FREE, but an upgrade from version 3 or 4 is $1.99. BeBuzz allows you to personlize the LED on your device in many ways. Different colors for notifications like text messages, BBM, E-mail, calender, tasks, coverage indicator, missed calls and so on. You can customize your contacts with different colors as well, and it will also let you choose specific colors for many third party apps. The change-log for this update includes:
    • BBM chat history is not being deleted anymore
    • BeBuzz support now works whether BBM chat is set to device or memory card
    • Extended complimentary Text-to-Speech until January 31, 2012
    • Added support for browsing for ringtones (pre-installed ringtones cannot be used)
    • Automatically reverting to legacy BBM when there is no BBM contact and no toast/TTS for BBM
    • Added warning in setup wizard that BBM chat history has to be on
    • Fixed display bug in OS 5.0 and before
    • Fixed NullPointerException when pressing volume up/down keys without Text-to-Speech outputting audio
    • Fixed Text-to-Speech volume setting not correctly applied, leading to silent/non-working Text-to-Speech
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