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    Foursquare Gets v3.5 Update With Major Bug Fixes

    When I woke up this morning with the little option to upgrade Foursquare I could not have been more excited. I had had my fair share of mishaps and what not with the app, but it looks like most of them have finally been resolved. Version 3.5 of Foursquare includes these fixes:
    • Now you can create or discover lists of things to do nearby or places to explore
    • See your friends' check-ins with "in-line" photos
    • Many devices will receive improved connection support
    • Updated GPS logic
    If you haven't ever heard of Foursquare, it allows you to explore the world around you by enabling you the chance to meet up with friends, find new places to go and save money on random specials posted by other Foursquare users! While on the go, you can easily share with your friends where you are, post pictures that they can comment on as well as insider tips and reviews that you wouldn't otherwise been inclined to hear about. You earn points and badges for going to your favorite places. Plus, you can post all your activity to Facebook and Twitter! Sound like the app for you?
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    One of the apps I love ! I've updated it and noticed some few improvements in the UI so far.

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    Good to see the continued updates to the location tracking.

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