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    Navita Translator Upgraded To v2.6.7.6 After Only A Few Days

    While it's literally been five days since Navita Translator v2.6.7.5 was released in the BlackBerry App World, a new one has already arrived. With this v2.6.7.6 upgrade comes:
    • Added phonetic reading
    • Touch version bug fixes
    If you're new to Navita Translator or trying to decide whether you should download the app, these are some things you really should know. Navita Translator allows the operator to translate and speak words and phrases from emails, browsers, SMS messages and even typing in the app. Navita Translator is able to translate more than 50 languages and can speak languages such as English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Russian. You can also send your translations to Twitter, Email, and PIN to share with your friends. One thing even better? It's compatible with every BlackBerry device.
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