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    Quote Originally Posted by jlevy73 View Post
    I have already reported it to the Better Business Bureau didn't think about the CCP. I will definitely do that.

    And yes I have discussed this issue with Verizon and they provided me with a 2 month refund on my monthly bills. As I mentioned previously VZW has received many complaints about this but all they can do is forward it to the bozos as RIM. While i can sense VZW wants to help it's a technical matter they can't do anything about. They continue to offer to attempt to fix the problem by giving me new phones but I reached my limit as to trying and fix this issue. If this problem persists in the new leak whenever it does come out, I will like have no choice but to give up my Storm and go with something else.
    Sounds great---the State Consumer Boards are really good at rattling cages! However, if AT&T is an option, it's hard to beat their $99 deal for the iPhone3gs (even with the required 2 year contract).
    Or...if all else fails, here's my suggestion.

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    Actually I was thinking more along the lines of this might help:

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