When I'm out for my late night walks, sometimes a flashlight will help me see where I'm going. I find it a pain to go to the camera app on my phone, switch it to "video" & press my Space bar to get the flash on my BlackBerry to work as a flashlight.

S4BB has heard my cry (& the cries of many others) by releasing an update to their Flashlight Pro app. The all new Flashlight Pro 3 version comes with the brightest flashlight ever! This updated version now supports OS 6 & 7 devices.

Flashlight Pro V3.0.2 brings many new features, including:

  • Uses both the camera light and screen light as a flashlight.
  • Camera light will never turn off! No time limit!
  • Sets the brightness of the screenlight to full bright for extra lighting.
  • Useful help screen for quick reference.
  • Morses a SOS-Message in an endless loop by turning the camera light and screen light on and off according to the international morse code.