When you’re on the go, your BlackBerry goes with you and, with the latest in touch screen technology, you can accidentally activate an app, make an accidental call or register a screen press unless you manually lock down that touch screen. Oops. SpeedLock delivers the most convenient, elegant solution to lock and unlock your BlackBerry screen. A quick screen tap and you're locked. A quick glide on screen or with the trackpad and you're unlocked. No more accidental app activation. No more accidental outgoing calls. Sweet!

Some of the main features are:

- No need to manually lock your device with the top screen lock button. SpeedLock does it for you. Automatically.
- Configure your BlackBerry your way. Use a quick screen tap or automatically lock your screen when you set the backlight to shut off. You decide.
- Beautifully designed lock screen with a crisp, clean and minimilist look
- Optimized for performance, SpeedLock won't drain your BlackBerry's power.
- SpeedLock integrates seamlessly. Download, install, done.
- And at this price you can't beat the convenience-cost equation.