The most popular free Bible app YouVersion has been updated to version 3.6. Version 3.6 now allows users to manually select their network connection type, and in addition the app now has more robust handling of network failure. This update also included the following changes:

  • Faster Performance. The Bible App now responds much more quickly, especially for the features that most of you use most—like Notes, Bookmarks, and reading plans.

  • Reading Plan Caching. If you often find yourself with a slow or weak network connection, then sometime when you notice you happen to have a strong signal, you can jump into the Bible App and flip ahead through the next few days of your reading plan. Each day that you view will be stored (cached) into your device’s memory. As long as you don’t completely exit the Bible App (which you can set in the Options on your Home screen), then when you come back later, those days will still be there, and that dreaded “No network available” message won’t interrupt your daily reading.

  • Active Network Scanning. The Bible App now constantly monitors your network connection, adjusting settings in the background to try to maintain your signal. It also logs what it determines are its optimal settings, so that in the event your signal is completely lost, it can help you get reconnected as quickly as possible.

  • Customizable Network Settings. For the first time ever, from right inside the Bible App, you can actually manually tweak your connection settings (shown). This new feature will let you experiment to find the strongest signal possible, or to disconnect on demand to avoid unnecessary data charges.
As you can see the majority of changes seem to be network related. This is good as it makes that app more efficient on our devices. If you like this app head on over to BlackBerry App world and download it.

Download it here:
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