Full functions of one of the most popular business/financial calculators with a few pluses. Improved data entry. Labeled output. Extra indicators to guide your keystrokes all the way. Price: $6.99.

Time value of money (N, I/YR, PV, PMT, FV)
Cashflow analysis (NPV, IRR/YR)
Amortization (Interest, Principal, Balance)
Business percentages (Margin, Markup, Price, Cost)
Calendar functions
Math Operations
Storage Arithmetic
Algebraic data entry with with labeled output
Main and status display

Full featured scientific calculator for your BlackBerry phone. Uses RPN logic. A dream comes true for RPN fans. Price: $6.99.

Basic and advanced math functions
Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric
Hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic
Gamma function
Random Number Generator
Normal distribution
Calendar functions
Polar and Rectangular conversions
Decimal hours to Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Hours, Minutes, Seconds to decimal hours
Degrees to Radians
Radians to Degrees
Main, status, and stack display
Fixed,scientific, and engineering notation formats
RPN logic
Data registers (R0 to R.9)
Storage arithmetic
Recall arithmetic

Put the functionality of a 12C calculator into your BlackBerry. The best selling, highly regarded, most trusted financial calculator for Pocket PC since 2002 is now available for BlackBerry. Price: $6.99.

Time value of money (n, i, PV, PMT, FV)
Cashflow analysis (NPV, IRR)
Amortization (Interest, Principal, Balance)
Depreciation (Straight line, Sum of Years Digits, Declining Balance)
Bonds calculations (Price, Yields, Accrued interest)
RPN and ALG data entry modes
Main, status, and stack Display
Finance registers display
Storage registers display
Odd period calculations
Storage arithmetic
Recall arithmetic
Math operations
Ca lendar functions
Copy and paste functions