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    UberSocial For BlackBerry Updated to v1.251

    Today UberSocial has been updated to version 1.251. Here are some changes that version 1.251 includes.

    Version 1.251 includes the following changes:
    • Direct support for the latest OS 7 BlackBerry devices
    • For BlackBerry OS 6.0 and 7.0 devices we now support the home screen message notification bar so DMs, @replies/mentions and inner circle tweets will show up there for quick access from the device home screen. When you see the mini UberSocial icon, click the bar and the tweets/DMs that caused the notification will be displayed along with a snippet of the tweet. Clicking the tweet snippet will take you directly to it.
    • Fixed bug where tweets would not open on some touch screen devices when you touched them
    • Fixed bug where trending topics descriptions would sometimes overlap in the list.
    • Fixed issue caused by twitter wrapping all URLs with shortened links, this affected twitlonger,, and links
    • List timelines now include retweets
    • Fixed bug where mini-icon would sometimes have a zero next to it
    • Improved load times for the inner circle timeline
    • now respects the picture size that you choose.
    • Profile pictures are now rotated correctly
    • Added 'Login via Browser' as an option when adding more then one account
    • Added multiple retries to the authorization process as the twitter servers appear to timeout or return nothing quite often
    • Added a 'Theme' menu itme so you can easily change themes from the home timeline without going into options
    • Changed the menu text of 'My Timeline' to 'My Tweets' to more accurately reflect the functionality
    • Support for new device screen sizes for installable themes
    • Fixed a theme bug where backgrounds were not being used on all screens, causing tiling of the portrait background
    • Greatly improved timeline scrolling performance on touch screen devices
    Most of the changes listed are the same as the previous release. The important point to note is the "Greatly improved timeline scrolling performance on touch screen devices" UberSocial is popular twitter app that allows for an enriched tweeting experience. They are also working on BBM integration.

    Do you use UberSocial? If not then what app do you use for Twitter? Let us know in the forums.

    Download UberSocial
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