We first heard about PowWow back in the BBM Hackathon when we sat down for a quick interview with its creator, Kathryn Lahrs.

PowWow uses BBM 6 integration to enable real time social event coordination. Users are directly invited and notified of events that are created with the application. With PowWow, the latest information is available and BBM chats can quickly be started if any further communication is desired. Through BBM 6 PowWow users can their location information, which is displayed in BlackBerry Maps. There is also an option to check your contact's availability directly from their calendars and to create an event with this information; this is a very useful tool in event planning and saves time in the process.

So far the reviews of this app are great and we happen to agree. The UI is very clean and crisp and the app as a whole is very user friendly. There are 2 versions of PowWow: a free version and a paid version for $1.99. The paid version allows you to change the color theme of your app, check your contact's availability from their calendar and locate your contact's location.