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    TELUS App House being pushed to OS 7 Devices

    TELUS started pushing a new app to their BlackBerry OS 7 devices today. Telus App House is a telus-branded app that will provide you with direct download links to many of their partner apps or app specifically designed for the carrier.

    Directly access best-in-class applications through a gateway residing on their device’s home screen. TELUS App House is an app that lives on a customer’s smartphone. A customer simply clicks on an app in App House and it will provide a direct download or take them to the download page in the appropriate app store… Content on the portal will include TELUS apps like the TELUS eCare account app, TELUS International Roaming Guide, well known, branded, partnered apps like Rdio and Skype and other top third-party apps.
    This should start coming pre-loaded on BlackBerry 7 devices (BlackBerry 9810, 9900, 9860, 9360) soon, but will be coming to BlackBerry OS 5/6 & many other mobile platforms later this year.

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