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    Entertainment Tonight Week #5

    With the official release of BBM 6 and the introduction of BBM integrated apps, Entertainment Tonight will be reviewing my personal favorite BBM integrated app out there right now. This week I will be reviewing...

    ScoreMobile has been available for BlackBerry for a little bit and has always been a great app for sports lovers everywhere. It allows you access all major sports games and tournaments all over the world. From MLB baseball to La Liga in Spain, ScoreMobile will keep you up to date with everything necessary about the event.

    Upon opening the app, you will be lead to whatever last league you were checking out. This definitely convenient as different sports seasons correspond to different times of the year so you would hate to have the app open to the NFL during baseball season, or the MLB during football season.

    ScoreMobile allows you pick your favorite teams by clicking the "Fav" star and when you do, their scores and games are automatically bumped up to the top of the games list for quicker access. Every individual game tabs has tons of information available.

    If the game has yet to start, a preview of the game will be available. Also, starting lineups and other key information about the game such as time of start, location; etc is also available.

    If the game has started, ScoreMobile gives you and up to the minute tally of runs, points, goals scored as well as any other in-game plays.

    ScoreMobile also allows you to "Track Game" and set up in-game alerts that get pushed to your device depending on the sport and time of the game. An absolutely awesome feature.

    ScoreMobile allows you access to so many leagues around the world from so many sports that I have still yet to not be able to find a score, game, or tournament in this app. The guys at ScoreMobile really take pride in being able to cover as many sports events as possible and they do an amazing job at it.

    ScoreMobile is also one of the current BBM integrated apps that allows users to share scores with other users over BBM, chat about games or post the game score as their BBM status. The app integrates seamlessly and I have not have a single problem with this feature on ScoreMobile.

    This app has become of the most used apps on my BlackBerry. As avid sports fan, ScoreMobile just makes it so much easier to track a game and get any information needed than going to any team/tournament website. ScoreMobile has had unbelievable success in the BlackBerry platform and it's no surprise why.

    Entertainment Tonight's Grading Chart
    • Design/User Interface: 4.5/5 stars
    • Amount of content: 5/5 stars
    • Productivity: 5/5 stars
    • Ease of use: 4.5/5 stars

    • Overall Score: 4.75 stars

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    At the moment I dont use ScoreMobile that much, but during football season ScoreMobile will earn its keep!

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