Intuitive and effective, the Viira Outlook Suite is based on the time-proven principles of David Allen's Getting Things Done. The suite consists of a BlackBerry client and an Outlook plugin and provides support for all key elements of GTD such as projects, contexts, next actions, day tasks, an in-basket and more. New features in v1.2 include:
  • Reminders. Both the BlackBerry client and the Outlook plugin let you set a reminder for any task, including email tasks and SMS tasks.
  • Search. Quickly find any task from the Tasks View of the BlackBerry client with the new fast iterative search.
  • Faster sync. The BlackBerry client and the Outlook plugin now actively listen for any changes to your tasks, projects and contexts. Changes that are pushed wirelessly now get picked up in near real-time and get displayed faster than before.
  • Enhanced UI. You will find the BlackBerry client sporting an even more responsive and intuitive UI, just like Viira 3 does.
  • Enhanced Outlook plugin stability. The underlying Outlook environment can sometimes provide unpleasant surprises. Our development team has put our partnership with Microsoft and leaders in the MS ecosystem to work in order to provide a smoother and responsive experience for everyone.
  • SMS tasks. With the Viira Outlook Suite you can now create a task based on an SMS message directly from your BlackBerry Inbox. The SMS tasks can be filed in your GTD system and get synced with Outlook.