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    So you have just bought the award winning QuickLaunch app that everyone talks about? Well congratulations, when I first purchased this app, I was lost and did not even know where to start from. It can be either very easy or very confusing.

    Fear not, we have created a QuickStart guide that will get you up and running in a few minutes. We will help you create your own shortcuts list, create functions, backup, restore, etc.

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    First, go to Options > Display > Home Screen Preferences > Launch By Typing, set that to Application Shortcuts

    This will enable you to launch quick launch by pressing the space bar on your keyboard, no need to place the icon on your home screen to save a space for another icon.

    Next, click on the QuickLaunch Icon, then click on Application, then chooses the application you want to add to your list. Then click the back arrow on your BB, then choose Save.

    Before you click ESC key and save, scroll down in the box to enter a keyboard shortcut. QL Shortcuts can 1, 2., or 3 letters, so there are thousands of possibilities. Note that these are not native shortcuts; you must open QL then type the shortcut.

    Example: I have a QL item for its Screen Capture function with the S shortcut. I have QL on a Convenience Key, so I click that Convenience Key then S and the Screen Capture is executed.

    Repeat the above step many times till you add all the applications you want including functions like Flashlight and device reboot.

    When you launch the flashlight, you will notice that there is no light coming from the BB, so hit the menu button your BB, then go to options, then set the Video Light to ON

    Feel free to experiment with adding short cuts like applications, websites, etc.

    Now, open the QL Options, and scroll down to the AutoFill Entries, hit the menu button your BB, then select ADD, then put a title like USERNAME, then in the text field, put your username. Continue doing the same for many entries that you frequently type on websites (emails, passwords, etc)

    When you are in a website or any text field, hit the menu button, then QL AUTO FILL fro the top, then select the field you want to insert

    To find the function for Flashlight.

    It is not under applications, it is right under it in QuickLaunch Functions

    There you will find the option to add flashlight, device info, reset device, etc.

    Finally, when you are anywhere on your BB and want to capture a screenshot, just hit the BB Menu button, and select QL Screen Capture.

    This should give you a good start to start enjoying your QuickLaunch application. No more hitting the menu button to access apps, folders, options, etc.

    After you are done with all the setup, enter the QuickLaunch menu again, then press menu again! Then select Backup / Restore and make a backup of everything you have done. This way, if you ever reinstall, upgrade, or simply wipe your device or change it, you can easily restore all these settings within a second by restoring them. The backup is stored on the memory card so wiping your device or upgrading your OS will not affect the backup.


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    Nice guide, I love quicklaunch. The only downside I have about the app is setting it up is a bit tedious. I wish the setup menu was just a list of all your apps and you simply check them off for the ones you want to show in the menu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Jerde View Post
    Nice guide, I love quicklaunch. The only downside I have about the app is setting it up is a bit tedious. I wish the setup menu was just a list of all your apps and you simply check them off for the ones you want to show in the menu.
    Yeah, my friend has it, and I just don't like the way the menu looks too tall on the screen. Maybe people like their screen cluttered, but I don't at all.

    Oh Matrix Leader, nice guide. Thanks

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