Oh how I love it when developers finally choose to bring their apps to BlackBerry. Path becomes the latest company to decide to make their way onto the BlackBerry platform starting with a beta program.

While I personally haven't used Path in its other available platform, based on what I saw in the video, it looks pretty awesome. Path aims to keep track and share specific events/days by means of a simple picture and caption with a max of 50 friends. This definitely makes you think of who you'd like to add to the mix instead of just adding everyone you could think of. It's definitely a really cool idea that I could see catching on especially on our platform that lacks an app like this.

How they describe themselves from their website:
What is Path?

Path is the simple and private way to share life with close friends and family.

How is Path different from Facebook or Twitter?

Path is a personal network focused on sharing life with the close friends and family you care the most about. On Path you can share with up to 50 close friends and family, creating a more personal environment for sharing. Facebook is a place to share links, events, and photos with all of your friends and acquaintances while Twitter is a platform for public information sharing.

Why can I only share with 50 people?

We are inspired by Professor Robin Dunbar at Oxford University, who’s research dives deeply into the number of trusted relationships humans can maintain throughout life. We tend to have 5 best friends, 15 good friends, 50 close friends and family, and 150 friends. Currently, we have chosen to focus on 50 but we may expand to 150 in the future.
There you have it. While the app is still not out yet, Path is inviting everyone and anyone that wants to beta test it to contact them by emailing gia@path.com and asking to be registered. When the beta goes live we'll have a link up for everyone that wants to download it. Visit Path for more details.