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    New BlackBerry Traffic Beta Available in BlackBerry Beta Zone

    Word just came in of a new BlackBerry Traffic Beta opening up in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Since the beginning of the BlackBerry Beta Zone it has been obvious that RIM cares about our opinions in the development of native apps. From the Beta Zone have come out some super solid apps like BlackBerry Protect, BlackBerry Travel, and finally BlackBerry Traffic as well as many improvements to BBM, Twitter for BlackBerry and Facebook for BlackBerry.

    In this latest version of BlackBerry Traffic ( we see certain upgrades like:

    Updated Maps

    Obviously in GPS program having the latest map data is essential. The BlackBerry Beta Development team has also used all the testers feedback to account for new roads, better route selection and improve the accuracy of ETA and traffic data.
    • Over a million new searchable addresses
    • Thousands of miles of new back roads
    • Dozens of new highway construction projects
    • Over a 130,000 miles of verified speed limits

    Added “Exit” option to the BlackBerry menu screen

    An "Exit" option has been added to quickly close the program instead of having to back out of each individual screen one by one like in previous versions.

    “App not responding” issues on BlackBerry Storm 2 devices has been fixed

    Possibly the most annoying part of this program for many Storm 2 users has finally been fixed. No more sudden interruptions in the service of the application and hopefully it stays like this for good.

    Minor UI updates and improvements

    Any avid user of BlackBerry Traffic, like myself, will notice some minor UI tweaks in this latest release.

    This update doesn't contain anything too crazy but it is great to see them constantly work to improve an already awesome application. If you haven't already join the BlackBerry Beta Zone and let your voice be heard.

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    Wow, nice update! Always nice to see the maps portion getting the update.

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    I am partial to Telenav and its system, however BlackBerry Traffic is a great app.

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