Easily set custom MP3 ringtones, text, email alert tones and flashing LED colors for all your friends. Block out calls and messages from contacts or groups. Ultimate Customization!

  • Easily use your own MP3 music as ringtones and message alerts
  • Set unique ringtones for each of your friends
  • Set your phone to block or ignore certain callers or groups
  • Set custom LED colors for contacts and alerts
  • Set different email, SMS and PIN message tones for your friends
  • Set ringtones for caller groups and categories
  • Set different email and message tones for different groups
  • Set your BlackBerry to silent overnight or at weekends
  • Works with the BlackBerry Profile app and co-operates with alert settings -Silent when Blackberry Profile set to Off
  • -Ringo will only ring for Phone Calls if "Phone Only" profile is selected.
  • -Ditto for Profile "Vibrate only" setting - Ringo will only Vibrate.
  • -Works with other Apps Alert settings ( Facebook, Twitter etc.) as set in the current Profile.
  • BugMe! alert support using Task alert settings in Ringo.

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