Tired of the same old boring blinking red light for everything? Spice up your phone by unlocking its full potential with Super Color LED and change the color of your LED alert light. Choose from many bright and vivid colors to color code your calls, text messages, and emails with. Color coding makes it easy to know who is calling, messaging, or emailing you just by looking at your LED light. You can even change the color of your coverage indicator light and low battery indicator light.


  • Compatible with US and international numbers.
  • Supports configuring LED light for incoming calls, missed calls, and SMS.
  • Supports configuring LED light for incoming email addresses.
  • Supports configuring coverage indicator light.
  • Supports configuring low battery indicator light.
  • Configure LED color for contacts and set a color for unknown numbers.
  • Add contacts directly from address book, use the apps search feature, or manually input.
  • Choose up to 5 colors per contact.
  • Ability to turn off LED blinking for unknown numbers.
  • Four blink speeds to choose from.
  • Options to make LED stop blinking after certain amount of time.
  • Backup settings and color configurations to SD / Media card.

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