Aerize Email Alerts previews each Email with the senders picture and name, the subject of the Email, and a brief preview. A simple and clean popup notification allows Email in any application; whether you're browsing the web, composing an Email, or playing games, you won't have to exit to check on important Emails. BlackBerry Email may be great, with Aerize Email Alerts it's even better!

AutoStandby and Aerize Alerts now work side-by-side to allow full control of the device wake functionality. With AutoStandby 2.2.0 and above, you can enable and disable device wake functionality directly from the AutoStandby options.

  • Easily identify Email - See the senders picture and name, the subject of the email, and a brief preview
  • Enhance normal operation - Preview Email while in any application or game
  • Cure BlackBerry Jitters - Don't miss an important email or lose focus when a new email arrives
  • One-Click functionality - Easily open, mark as read, or delete the message


Price was $4.99 - get it now for only $2.50!