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    Application with Grid Menu - Developers Required

    Hello developers,

    I am developing an application where I am stuck in between.

    I am looking for an application
    developer who could assist me in coding a very basic single page Blackberry Application
    with a grid menu button layout (3 columns, 5 rows).

    I have posted a project worth $400 for this job.

    If you are interested in working on this application,
    just apply your bid on the below link.

    Blackberry Application with Grid Menu

    Please have a look on the complete requirement posted on above page.

    Waiting for some quick help.

    Regards, Amy

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    $400?? For a simple grid menu? Why not free? If it's so simple, I'm sure the friendly people here at BBOS would give you a hand. Not me, I know zilch about app developing, but maybe someone else. Good luck!

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