One of the main reasons I stay with my BlackBerry is for the flagship messaging app, BlackBerry Messenger. Over the last few months, many developers have created multi-platform applications similar to BBM, but that work with Android, Windows Phone 7, iOS & BlackBerry. We've seen applications like Kik be banned from App World by RIM & I was scared that the newest hype, LiveProfile, was going to suffer the same fate when there downloads were abruptly stopped last week.

Well, my fears were taken away yesterday when I found out that LiveProfile was actually updating it's application on all platforms to deal with the surge of new users. Their official announcement is below:

Over the past few days LiveProfile has been experiencing record breaking growth. In just one single day 400,000+ new users joined LiveProfile. This kind of growth is not very common and hard to scale. For this reason, we would like to apologize for the recent outages and stability issues you may have encountered.

We have identified and fixed a major bottleneck which was causing problems with message delivery speed, loading friend lists, and generally unstable service. This is not a good first impression by any means and we have worked hard through the weekend to ensure this issue was resolved and will not occur again. We encourage you to come back and try LiveProfile once more and promise you won’t be disappointed! If you need to re-download you can do so by visiting LiveProfile - Stay Connected from your mobile browser.

We would also like to clear up the crazy rumors circulating that LiveProfile is a virus. This is far from the truth and we are a reputable New York City-based company trying to change the world through real-time mobile communication. Read more about this topic from our blog:LiveProfile

The LiveProfile team is now working on some new and exciting features that people have requested and we expect to release them shortly. Keep an eye on our website or Twitter for the latest info.