Don't you wish BlackBerry had an email notifier popup like the one you are used to in MS Outlook or Gtalk Notifier (Growl on the Mac). Stop wishing and get SmrtAlerts. With it, you can get critical information from your emails fast.

With SmrtAlert, you can see who is emailing (with brief email body) while drafting another email, playing your favorite game or other tasks on your BlackBerry.

  • Preview email/sms from ANY application on your BlackBerry (even Homescreen).
  • Fully Configurable - only see popup from the people matters to you.
  • Application filter - Prevents popup in specified apps (like phone app)
  • SPAM Blocker - Create Whitelist and Blacklist to filter emails and email popup. With Blacklist, you have the option to auto delete junk.
  • Visually Stunning design
  • No setup fuss. No pain. It Just Works!
  • Complete integration with the existing email program.
  • NEW - With Suspend Popup (for 3 mins) feature to prevent bulk popups after airplane mode

Price was $9.99 - limited time for only $5.00!