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Thread: Wakeful officially launched

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    Wakeful officially launched

    I've always wanted a futuristic alarm clock that spoke to me when I wake up in the Morning. Ninja Otter recently announced my prayers with the release of Wakeful. Wakeful is an alarm clock application that helps you kick off your day productively by providing you with your life's most important information when waking up.

    Waking up to weather forecast, daily news, stocks & more is something that for most will speed up tons of individuals in the morning.

    I had the great opportunity of trying the beta version of this application in March. The bugs that were in the initial beta version (incorrect time, server backlog) have been resolved with the official launch.

    For a short time, you can get a 50% discount on the application by entering "WAKEUP" at checkout.

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    It's a nice App. ! I am using it

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