Coming soon as part of the 2011 BlackBerry lineup we will see the new Near Field Communications (NFC) app come installed on these OS 6.1 devices. With the new OS 6.1 icons being extracted from the recent leak OS, you also have the opportunity to see what the NFC app icon will look like. Currently, the NFC icon is for an app called Smart Tags. The basis of the app seems to be to share pictures, in which each entry is given the title "Smart Posters".

As of now, the Smart Tags app is fairly simple. Under the BB options menu list you have two choices - Create Tag, and Search. The image above is a snapshot of what the window looks like when you select 'Create Tag', where you will be able to select, 'Click to add new image.' Once the details are entered and saved, you get listed as a 'Smart Poster'. On the workings of the app is unsure, but it may have a function in which you bump phones in the vicinity of another BB user to transfer your images to their device. It will be very interesting as more develops on this and to see where RIM takes the app from here. If you want more info about NFC and how it works, see the video. To see the rest of the photos of the NFC app, head to the Forum, where you can also discuss the news.