We all know Kik Messenger as the best alternative to BlackBerry Messenger and being the nemesis to RIM in a ongoing legal battle. In the news today is that Kik Messenger has raised $8 million in Series A funding event. Kik also announced that Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson and RRE Ventures’ Adam Ludwin are joining the company’s Board of Directors.

Kik has also updated it's app for Android and iOS to include the feature of real-time group chat for up to ten people. And Kik Messenger’s new picture sharing features allows users to share what they’re seeing on-the-fly. The update also includes some improvements to the UI and overall keeps getting more like BBM. Recently with the Rumor that RIM will port BBM over the iPhone and Android devices, it seems that RIM is learning something from Kik in perhaps going cross-platform. Have you used Kik before? How does it fair to BlackBerry Messenger?