If you've ever saved an important SMS conversation and worried that you might accidentally delete it or lose it should you misplace your BlackBerry, worry no more! Uppidy is a free service that lets you save and store your SMS messages on their securve servers for free.

Uppidy allows you to access and view your save messages in real time and also gives you the ability to search for the exact one you may be looking for, like a friend's saved address for example.

"All of your messages will be safe and sound on the Uppidy servers."
Stop worrying about:
  • Storage limits on your phone
  • Loosing your phone
  • Loosing your important conversations

The application is currently in Beta thus it's free, so if Uppidy is a service that you need, get it now because once it leaves beta testing, who knows?

This free application is available from the app store by clicking here.
- Avonlea