How many times have you wanted to resize an image you before or after you've captured it with your BlackBerry? I can think of a few times I've wanted to have that feature available to me.

The AutoResize application allows users to do just that and saves a copy of the image to your SD card. It doesn't alter the original version but instead makes a copy of it so in case you make a mistake or at some point want to the original sized image back, it's still there. The cool thing is, you can create your own ratios if you prefer!

AutoResize can save images in both JPG and PNG format.

Features you'll get when you download AutoResize:
  • Automatically resize picture when you take a picture with the Camera
  • Set different resize from 1024×768 all the way to 320×240 and smaller
  • Save in JPG with different compression setting or PNG format
  • Can enable and disable resizing pictures taken with the Camera app. Set your camera to take the picture in whatever size you want.
  • Resized pictures are saved into a different folder on the SDCard. The original picture is never deleted
  • AutoResize is compatible with OS5 and OS 6

For only 99 cents this thing sure does a lot!

My question to you is: Do you like being able to enter in your own specs or are the BlackBerry image specs just fine?

- Avonlea