Ford recently launched their AppLink that connects your BlackBerry through a set of APIs that can extend an appís functionality to the car using both voice and steering wheel controls in Ford cars. They recently announced that they are releasing an new smart phone app called SYNC Destinations, a free application for users to SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information that gives them mobile access to search and save destinations to retrieve once in their car.

ďSYNC Destinations leverages the power of your smart phone to manage a userís SYNC Services account and to plan ahead, sending destination locations to your car and knowing whatís happening on the road ahead of you before you even get behind the wheel,Ē said Dave Gersabeck, SYNC TDI product manager.

Ford will soon launch the SYNC Destinations mobile app for BlackBerry. Available at no cost, the app will give users of TDI services mobile access to a host of navigation and traffic information specifically designed to make any trip easier. SYNC Destinations will be available to owners of 2010-2011 SYNC-equipped, TDI-capable vehicles who have a registered and active TDI services account on SYNC.

Here are some of the features you can expect:

My Points: once an address is saved to the ĎMy Pointsí list, owners will be able to get estimated travel times based on traffic conditions.

Forecast: provides at-a-glance traffic forecasts, including construction and accident notifications, to help plan ahead.

Incidents: provides detailed incident reports affecting traffic conditions, including accidents, construction, and even special events.

Ford will feature demos of SYNC Destinations at the Pepcom Digital Experience media event in Las Vegas on Jan. 5, 2011, and then at the 2011 International CES consumer technology trade show in Las Vegas between Jan. 6 and Jan. 9, 2011.