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    Now You Can Download GEICO Car Inusrance App

    GEICO has released a new application for their BlackBerry customers suitably titled "GEICO Insurance GloveBox." This handy application allows users to access information about their insurance, and even how-to tips on changing a flat tire or jump-starting their car. Download the app and get all that and more including the following features, all at your fingertips!

    • Bill Pay – Pay your GEICO auto insurance bill.
    • View Insurance ID Card(s) – Access your current insurance ID cards from your phone.
    • Accident Helper – Helps put you in contact with emergency services, gives you a place to organize photos and much more.
    • Roadside Service – Find nearby tow services and gas stations… anywhere, anytime.
    • Taxi/Rental Car – Find taxi or rental car services.
    • Auto How To’s – Get step-by-step instructions on how to jump start a vehicle, change a flat tire or check your tire pressure.
    • Videos – Check out the real story behind the Gecko – he’s had quite a life!
    • Caveman Commercials - Because they're just that cool
    • Contact GEICO – Call the company for any of your insurance needs.
    • The Insurance GloveBox app is available as a free download from the BlackBerry App World and will work on most BlackBerry devices running OS 4.2.1 or higher. This app is only available for users within the United States.

    This is a lot of stuff for a FREE app. Sounds like GEICO has their customers covered! Now if I could just shake the cops off.

    Download the FREE app and tells us what you think of it!

    - Avonlea
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