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    The Parent App - TextNanny

    The average your child spends on text messaging is more than 120 texts each school day, and more than three hours a day is spent on social networking websites each school day. Some of us may be surprised by that. Others may say that it doesn't matter, as long as they aren't getting in trouble. Believe it or not, children are more inclined to get into trouble with such unlimited access to todays technology.

    According to a study at Case Western Reserve University, students who spend the most time texting and/or on social networking sites are at risk in getting involved bad behavior like smoking, risky sex, depression, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse. Parents should also be concerned that the more children are immersed in this unsocial "social" networking world, parent-child communication is failing. If you are concerned about these issues, and you child has or will have a BlackBerry, we bring you...TextNanny...

    TextNanny allows you to have a little more control when your child not with you. By limiting texting and internet access at certian times, such as during school or at night, your children will be more focused and healthy to prepare for adulthood. As you may already know, children can be pretty active at night. Without the proper amount of rest your health can be affected very easily. Being more focused in school will help children be more successful.

    Of course, we all would like to have that strong bond between parent and child where we can trust them. You trust them already if they are carrying around a BlackBerry smartphone. It's not always about trust. It's about protection. It's not an invasion of privacy. As long as our children live at home, we parents are the ones responsible for them. So lets take a brief look at what TextNanny can do:

    Cross reference words, abbreviations and symbols to urban dictionary, detecting unacceptable text behavior – conversations about drugs, sex, sexting, etc…
    Detailed filtering available to assist parents.
    Auto email or text message delivery when rules are broken.
    Forward text conversations in real-time based on parental guidelines.
    Restrict phone access by time of day, day of week and yet allow for emergency calls.
    Restrict texting during class, or after hours when sleep should be the priority.
    Phone call to approved persons always allowed, even though phone/text/email is restricted.

    How do you feel about this app? Is it something you would use? Would parents be overstepping their bounds by enforcing such rules? Let us know!

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