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    Lightbulb Dropbox 1.0.37 for BlackBerry review

    Dropbox came to me as I perused the BlackBerryOS.com site recently. It was being lauded as a mobile app for BlackBerrys that would enable you to share your files directly from the mobile app itself, AND a free 2GB space if i applied now?? I had to at LEAST take a test drive!

    Beginning of review

    I started out with a free 2GB account with the possibility of gaining at least 8GB more through referring persons, that is, for every friend who joins Dropbox they will give you both 250 MB of bonus space,up to an additional 8GB equaling a total of a possible 10GB. All files to be downloaded or sent must be uploaded via desktop, except for photos, which are the only file type you may actually upload on the mobile app
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    The Dropbox website is great and easy to upload content to. You simply click “upload”, a java box appears (there is also an option for a simple uploader) for you to search your computer or external drives for the file and choose it for uploading. Users may also create folders to further distinguish their file types or different projects,etc.

    Uploading speeds were good and consistent with what I was used to from my 2MB broadband data plan which was 45kb/s. The ability to upload multiple files at once is also a plus. Once you have uploaded your files via desktop to your Dropbox account you then generate a fresh link each time you are sending the file and you are then in a native BlackBerry email message with the already-generated download link attached. These email messages are sent from your choice of any one of the email address accounts already loaded on the phone. After you have emailed the file you are returned to the file and folder you highlighted before sending the file. This area could do with the linking of social networks. Yes, granted you could simply generate the link and then open your social networking site and paste it but that can be a bit tedious to do each time if you account for logging in time, etc. A great addition would be to be able to publish the links directly to a facebook or twitter account, this is possibly something to be updated in the future.

    Downloading files to my phone via wifi was the same i was used to getting on a normal basis,lowest speed recorded was 122kb/s and the highest recorded was 193kb/s.
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    One weak point found was that there was no ability to alter the state of files on the dropbox account from the mobile app. This means there is no moving, copying or deleting of files from the phone.

    Videos streamed from the mobile app had a nice sync,streaming from wifi consistent and good
    streaming. There was also the option of full screen which was a nice feature.
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    Music player
    The music player on the Dropbox app is as bare as they come, with just a blank screen with just file name of the file its easy to see that this was only to be used for previews, and as it is not a mobile audio player app I can live with that. So with no enhancements and consistent streaming the app delivers on what it should.
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    Viewing pictures in Dropbox was very easy and I experienced no lag in doing this. Normal sized [480x320] wallpapers uploaded to the dropbox looked great as usual on the bold 9000.high resolution pictures such as laptop wallpapers [1024x768] and [1200x900] were scaled to good quality and looked beautiful and crisp bold 9000.

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    Dropbox is a nice little mobile app to help you easily share your files with a few nice features but nothing special. It could use some tweaking to be more fully functional and let users edit the files and enable other ways of sharing files but is a good app nonetheless.

    Rating: 6.0/10

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    Nice review
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    Great job on this. I think Dropbox is basically great for very small and simple files. And until they can offer something great, it won't be something that people will want to use for everything. It does great for many simple tasks though.

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