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    The Parent App - Contraction Calc

    9 months ago, you may remember how you sat impatiently on your living room couch waiting for your wife to come out of her room with the most unexpected and surprising words..."I'm PREGNANT!" 9 months later you finally submit and you start preparing yourself in expectation of the new addition. But you never expected to have to rush your wife to the hospital so many times and find out it's only false labor pains. Thus the parent app of the week...Contraction Calc...

    You promised in your wedding vows that you would stick to your mate through thick and thin and good and bad. You may also have made a similar promise to your "significant other"...your BlackBerry. If you cannot live without it, why not put it to good use? Contraction Calc Its a simple contraction monitor that can help you figure how apart your contracts are and help you determine when its the right time to head for the hospital.

    Here are some of the features of Contraction Calc:

    Email a log of your contractions to your family & friends.
    Store an unlimited record of your labour contractions & delete individual contractions.
    Remembers when the last contraction started, even if you have to exit the program, so you can use it with confidence.
    Keep a track of what you were doing when the contraction started.
    Contraction Alert Notification feature which gives a visual when contractions reach a parameter set by your healthcare professional.
    Still answer phone calls while the app timer is running - it will not interrupt your timer.
    Time preference: Choose from 12 hour or 24 hour time.

    Contraction Calc is simple to use and simple to set up. If you are pregnant and don't want to carry around a paper and pen, use your Blackberry; use Contraction Calc. Please remember that the app is meant for informational purposes only and is NOT a replacement for professional care.
    Would you benefit from an app like this?

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    That's so funny! I went to the hospital 3 times with both my children. I finally said I wasn't going back until the baby's head was out. I wouldn't tell anyone I was having contractions so my mother-in-law sat a salt shaker on my tummy so it would fall off every time I had one. That was there way of telling how far apart they were. This app is about 38 years too late for me.

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