Xobni on sale for $1.99
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Thread: Xobni on sale for $1.99

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    Xobni on sale for $1.99

    Xobni, the popular address book manager, is on sale for a limited time for only $1.99, a 80% saving. I have to say, I really enjoy using Xobni on my BlackBerry. One feature I particularly like is that incoming email is aggregated by Xobni. That means if you get an email from a contact that is not in your email, Xobni stores it. Better yet, it allows you to very quickly find those emails addresses and add them to your messages. You can also quickly backup your address book so you will never be without your rolodex if anything happens to your BlackBerry. Check it the sale and let us know what you love about Xobni!

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    using it and like it alot.
    Pros: good back up source
    several lines for storing info on each contact
    nice neat interface
    finally something other that black on white. I personally like the white on black
    Cons: they store every single message including emails, calsl, messages etc you would block if you
    could before they get to you. So you are going thru xobni everyday "hiding those
    my other con is because I do not use Outlook, CS told me I would have to subscribe to
    the monthy (with a fee) to recover my information in case of a nuke

    all in all I like it!!!
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