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    The Parent App - Bellshare BerryWeather

    Keeping things running smooth and organized in a family requires proper planning. But it isn't always that easy, is it? How many times have you found yourself rushing around, trying to get your kids ready for school so you can get them there on time, or so they don't miss the school bus, and you rush them out to find...its pouring out? Or...snow...?? How many times have you rushed out the door to take your kids to school and when you get there you find that school has been delayed due to weather? Have you ever sent little Johnny to school in a cute pair of shorts and t-shirt and he came home looking like an ice cube because the weather changed so drastically? It's even happened to us as parents! Thus another important app to have on your BlackBerry - BerryWeather...

    One of the best things I love about BerryWeather is that I can find out todays, or the next couple of days, forecast in a brief second or two. Some of us have the habit of turning on the television and wait...and wait...and...yes, wait... for the days weather forecast. Or you have to turn on your computer, find the weather page, sort through all the advertisements, speculations, and a variety of forecasts to find what you need. With BerryWeather, all that is gone and you can be more productive with your time. With a quick glance or a click of a button, you have all the information you need to prepare your children for the day or even a weekend trip with your family!

    Let's go through some of the features of Berryweather. One of the nicest things about it is that it is highly configurable. Do you want to see limited or detailed forecasts? Use it as a wallpaper on your homescreen or not (as shown in above picture)? Get weather advisories and alerts pushed to your phone from every 5 minutes to every 24 hours. View up to date animated radar maps. Here are some screen shots:

    Some of Bellshare BerryWeather features:

    OS 5 - OS 6 compatible
    Uses Weather Underground as their weather provider
    Integrated with your email to receive special alerts
    View up to 10 different locations at the same time
    Current conditions including "Feels like" temperature, wind, pressure, dew point, humidity.
    7-day forecast with high/low temperature and precipitation probability
    24-hour forecast with temperature, precipitation probability, wind and humidity
    Tracks your location via GPS/cell and updates weather accordingly
    Instant weather advisory notifications via push technology (US only)
    Built-in animated radar maps (US only)
    Easily switch between 7 different views (Current, Daily Forecast, Hourly Forecast etc)
    Get more accurate conditions by switching to a nearby weather stations for any location
    Replace/extend the default radar maps with your preferred weather service's radar maps!
    Add custom web cams and other media links (weather radio, video, HTML etc) to any location.
    Sunrise/Sunset times and moon phase
    Customizable homescreen icon showing current conditions
    See your current weather as a homescreen wallpaper
    Share your weather on Twitter
    Completely customizable using themes, background wallpaper, font and icon sizes

    I know, it sounds like a lot to configure and you don't have to time to try to figure it out, but it is really simple to use. Setup is easy and you can start using BerryWeather right away. When you have the time, you can explore all the other features. For more peace of mind and better productivity in everyday parenting, give BerryWeather a try.

    With as much as this app can do, you would think that it comes with a high price tag. How does a one time cost of $9.99 sound to you? Yes, there are other weather applications out there that can give you daily forecasts...but like this? Go ahead and try it out for a few days and if you like the functionality and customizabilty, buy it. No monthly fees!

    Do you use BerryWeather now? What features do you most like about it? Do you have other questions on how to use BerryWeather? Go ahead and ask below.

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    great way to look at this app from a parenting perspective.

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    I love the customized screen option. Have a family picture instead of the stock screens. The choice between new and classic icons is a nice option. Personally, I like the classic icons.

    Frequently traveling to other countries and provinces, I have the ability to get the real time forecast...days before I leave. A very nice feature indeed.

    I've used other weather apps but this is by far, the best yet.
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    Great app for the BlackBerry. I've been using it for a while now and highly recommend you atleast check it out.
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    Definitely a must have, I use mine so many times daily!!! I guess I am a BW addict as well!

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