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    Have You Heard About DelayedSend by Antair?

    Let’s say you need to email an important document to a colleague, but you don’t necessarily want to send it now. You’d prefer your colleague gets it two minutes before his big meeting. Welcome to DelayedSend by Antair.

    A nifty little app that allows you to prepare your email and send it out when you specify. Like many apps today, you can try the free version or spend $5.95 for the full version.

    The free version does insert a message at the bottom of your outgoing emails however. It’s a simple branding message that should not affect most emails you send. However, you may want to keep this in mind when sending out that “Sorry, had to cancel the meeting at the last minute.” email and there’s evidence you prepared the message ten hours earlier.

    While other developers have created apps that try to copy Microsoft Outlook’s delayed send feature, this app by Antair might be worth trying, especially given the fact they offer a free version.

    Don't forget to post your comments here after you try it out!

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