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    The Parent App - SmrtGuard

    SmrtGuard Review

    Have you ever asked yourself, "What if... I had paid more attention to where I left my BlackBerry; what if...I could have remotely wiped my BlackBerry; what if...I could have tracked the whereabouts of my BlackBerry; what if...I could have performed a wireless backup on my BlackBerry; what if...

    Riiiight... I was in that same situation. I was at a college fitness center and left my phone in my bag. After playing a few games of intense racquetball, went to grab my phone phone of course. All my personal info, accounts, memories, photos, etc...gone. Needless to say, I had no backup options, no software on my phone to help recoup the loss. If only...I had SmrtGuard installed on my BlackBerry I probably could have found it, or remotely wiped it, or tracked it would have saved me a lot of time and stress.

    Same with all of us having to raise children. Our pace is hectic, driving here or there; picking up kids or dropping them off. We forget our phone, misplace our phone... it has happened to all of us. Maybe we want to know what our kids are up to..well, with remote call function you can listen in to any conversation without anyone (your kids) knowing. One of our resident BBOS bloggers recently told a story of listening in on his kids "party plans" with the "Remote Listen" feature and stomped that before they could get into some serious trouble. How is that for a cool functional app?

    So lets dig in to some of the other features of SmrtGuard. There are 2 different options for you, SmrtGuard Free or Pro.
    The free version includes these features..SmrtGuard Free includes:

    Anti-Theft & Recovery
    - Find lost or stolen smartphone and track it remotely via GPS through
    - Remotely Lock your smartphone to prevent unauthorized use of phone or data.

    Remote Listen
    - Listen in from another device to hear the surroundings of where your device may have been lost or stolen.
    Call Blocker
    - Block unwanted calls and create “blacklists” for those numbers.

    Personal Guardian
    - Emergency distress calls with a single button push on the smartphone. When activated, it sends out a distress email, SMS and/or phone call for help.
    - Allow other trusted users (i.e. loved ones) to track the smartphone via the web. Great for parents to know where their children are.

    SIMCard Guardian
    - If an Unregistered SIM Card is put into the device, SmrtGuard sends a warning email and tracking turns on.

    - If you lose your device and need some help finding it, Audio-Ping will send out a "ping!" to help you locate it.

    Includes FREE 30-day trial of SmrtGuard PRO!

    SmrtGuard PRO includes all of the above plus:

    Mobile Anti-Virus
    - Real-time protection against the latest viruses and malware.
    - Schedule automatic virus scans and auto updates with the latest virus definitions.

    - Remove email spam.
    - Create and backup Spam “blacklists” to transfer to a new smartphone.

    Over-the-Air Backup & Restore
    - Schedule automatic wireless backups of personal data.
    - Access personal data via the web and restore data to the device wirelessly.
    - Easily migrate data wirelessly to a new device.

    Remote Wipe
    - In case of permanent loss, smartphone data can be remotely wiped via web.

    What are you waiting for? Grab a copy for yourself! Try the free version or jump right in and get all the features available to reduce some of your day-to-day stress. With SmrtGuard you can have the peace of mind knowing that everything on your BlackBerry will be secure and you may be able to restore a little bit of order in your everyday.... parenting.

    Here are the available options for SmrtGuard:

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    I've been using SmrtGuard Pro now for a year on my bb as well as my wife's and one of my sons. I've personally used the restore function a few times, and work loves the idea of being able to wipe the phone entirely should it be lost or stolen.

    I travel alot for business and my wife is able to see where I am through the GPS function should I not be able to message or call, so its a small pc of mind for her. As for my son having it on his bb, same thing, we know where he is through the GPS and it is very accurate. That may sound like we don't trust our son or that we're spying on him. Thats not the case at all. He is under 16, and I'm being a responsible parent by wanting to know where he is when he's not home.

    For that, I highly recommend this app for all parents whose kids have bb's

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