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    BerryBuzz for BlackBerry Updates to Version 3.2.18

    One of the must have apps for my BlackBerry is BerryBuzz which has just been updated to version 3.2.18. This version adds in support for more applications as well as some bug fixes. BerryBuzz allows you to create custom LED colors to alert you of new notifications for more control of alerts and notifications. The update is free for current users of BerryBuzz.

    Here is a summary of the updates and fixes in the new version:

    • BerryBuzz settings can now be opened right from the homescreen icon
    • Added support for Visual Voice Mail
    • Added support for IM+ Lite
    • Added support for SBSH Calendar Pro
    • Storing license key in backup file and prefilling the activation screen after restore
    • Moved My Contact LEDs and phone group to the top
    • Merged SMS/MMS into ‘Text Messages’ on OS 6.0
    • Fixed group expansion state not correctly persisted
    • Fixed support for multiple contact lists
    • Fixed support for contacts from AT&T address book on BlackBerry Torch 9800
    • Fixed reboot (battery pull) needed after initial installation
    • Minor changes to settings screen
    • Bug fixes

    The application does have a free trial period before you have to purchase it.
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