The BlackBerryOS Deal of the Day today is one you just can't pass up. The application dubbed "Show Me The Images" (SMTI) is one of absolute simplicity that it should have been built into RIM's native OS. SMTI is availabe on OS 4.6 and above. Although the application starts off relatively cheap in the first place, for the deal of the day it cuts the price into half of what it normally is, which is a steal! SMTI is used to download images that are in your HTML emails automatically. Of course you can always just download the images by clicking the "Get Images" button in your menu, however, why not spend a minimal amount to support a developer? Especially when it's half off!

The creator of SMTI (BBerryGo) who is a fellow developer and friend has many other apps out right now as well. One he is exceptionally excited about is his recently released game Photo Quest is an addicting game where you're giving a photo twice; one full photo and one with things missing. After being given your photo you have to go through and find all of the differences while being put under pressure by a constantly diminishing time. There is a point system that is also built into the game which is used to compete against anyone else who owns the game and has submitted their score online. This game is also on sale for for 20% off of it's original price.