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    Rhapsody BlackBerry Beta Available For Download

    OK, it costs $9.99/month for a subscription. But, right now you can download the beta BlackBerry release for a 14 day free trial on your BlackBerry Smartphone.
    Back to the $9.99/month part. Millions of streaming songs at your fingertips. Just about any song you can think of listening to. Even the ones you forgot about from back in the day. I already signed up for the trial and am willing to shell out the cash for this service. I've used it before on the PC for quite a while and loved it.

    What about Pandora and Slacker, you might ask. Close but no on demand streaming cigar for those two. Hands down, this app will charge to the top, paid or free, it has what I want. As I listen to Rhapsody on my BlackBerry while I write this, I am trying to think of what song I want to listen to next. Oh the dilemma!

    I did find it easier to set up an account via the PC and then log in on my phone via the app. You do need to provide a credit card when you sign up, which will be billed after the 14 day free trial unless you cancel before then.
    Let us know what you think of the Rhapsody Beta for BlackBerry.

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    I have such a large song database, 680 gigs @ 320kbps, I don't think this would be a good value for me. Add a dedicated wifi router in my truck, Hypoxia media player, and I don't think this would fit me very well. But then again if you don't hasve my set up, it would rock.
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