Once again we have a sweet deal of the day…… BerryBuzz. If you are quick enough, and I mean right now, or maybe till the end of today but why wait, you can get BerryBuzz for $2.97 – 50% off. BerryBuzz by Bellshare is the number one essential alert tool for every Blackberry and some of its features include:

  • Custom LED color, repeating audible alert and vibrations for emails, SMS/MMS, calls, BBM
  • E-mails, SMS and calls from specific contacts
  • Custom LED flashing to automatically stop after a specified interval to save battery life
  • Missed Calls, PIN Messages, Calendar, Coverage Indicator, Battery Low, Battery charging and Battery Full.
  • Integration of twitter clients such as SocialScope, Blaq, Ubertwitter, Tweetissimo, Twitter for Blackberry® and other social media such as Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Trillian, IM+, MSN Messenger etc.
  • Optimized for minimum battery and memory usage.

Having an awesome app like this comes in handy especially if you are tired of getting the same old red flashes from your device LED or being alerted only once as you assign LED colors to about anything on your device and also set repeating audible reminder to every app you can set a custom LED for.