Verizon Wireless has launched their Mobile Recovery service to all smartphone users, but only if you are signed up with Total Equipment Coverage (TEC) as part of your plan. Mobile Recovery is basically a smartphone safeguard that lets you find your phone if you lose it, locate your phone by sounding and alarm, or secure your phone by locking it or you can erase your contacts and lock the phone.

This all comes as a free service if you have the TEC service. The service is available for the BlackBerry Storm, Storm2, Bold 9560, Curve 8530, and the Tour 9630. You can sign up for Mobile Recovery by going to

While this service does allow you to lock the phone and erase your contacts remotely its not clear if it will allow you to do a security wipe if you have sensitive data on your device. We told you awhile ago about BlackBerry Protect going into the BlackBerry BetaZone. BlackBerry Protect seems to be a better all around solution if it ever comes out of beta.

Will you use Mobile Recovery or wait until BlackBerry Protect finally hits the streets?