One of the top free BlackBerry radio apps is adding a Premium service, allowing users to search for specific songs or entire albums (do people even say albums anymore?) and play them On-Demand. With this new update, Slacker is geared to launch themselves above competitor Pandora and compete with the likes of Rhapsody.

Along with On-Demand functionality, Slacker users will see some other options available with their premium purchase.

Some features included are:
  • Unlimited song skipping
  • Create custom playlist
  • Deeper track listing
  • Ad free
  • On-Demand search
  • Caching songs on your device
With this premium upgrade comes a cost to the tune of $9.99/month, which is $6.00 more than their Plus tier. A release date is looking to be somewhere in the October/early November time frame. If any updates to this article show up, we'll get them out to you.

Are you ready to shill out ten bucks a month to hear your favorite music? I might, but I know my 16GB microSD card contains all of my favorite tunes when I want to listen to them. I am interested to hear how many of you will jump on the premium upgrade. And, how many of you scoff at the idea of paying for music?

Post your thoughts on this upcoming service.