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    Pandora updates to 1.1.4

    It's a crisp spring night, rollin' west of St. Louis, traffic is nowhere to be seen. The squawk box (CB) hasn't made a crackle for the last 10 miles. The local classic rock station is playing Kiss's most gnarly song. The radio starts to fade away, and static pollutes the sound coming out of my speakers. Normally, a couple years ago, I would be madder than a Lot Lizard (Hooker) in a Bear Cave (police station).

    But what about satellite radio, hand (friend), you ask. Ten littles (dollars) a month. I try to take care of my money, not throw it away on dead tech. So I was real happy to get my hands on Pandora. I already pay for data on my Berry. Why pay for free radio? So now I just roll up the pneumonia holes (windows), and crank up the stereo. And Kiss can rock all night long.

    Now, Pandora has updated its Berry client, to ver. 1.1.4. There is no change log to be had, and App World does not have the updated version yet. So you need to truck on over to Pandora's site to upgrade.

    If you find any changes or bugs, don't forget to holler below.

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    Only difference I see so far is the icon is different. I havent found any other differences yet.

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